OUR VISION: We are women in ministry that support the community of faith by life transformation, empowerment, and spiritual growth one sister at a time.

Our MISSION: We are a sisterhood within the community of faith committed to building relationships through outreach, in-reach, and fellowship among women in ministry.

Our PURPOSE to support the community of faith by cultivating relationships with women in and outside of the ministry.  We support one another through love, encouragement, and inspiration.  We work together to glean from one another to enhance our spiritual and transformational growth.  We work collectively to create an engaging and empowering environment within the church. 


As a sisterhood, we are committed to working in our community to support outreach and increase fellowship with other women ministries.  

It is our goal to create lasting relationships among the women of our current ministry and extend lasting bonds in the community and other ministries.

Victorious Sisters

A Ministry for Women of all Ages!

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First Pilgrim Baptist Church

27 South Caesar Rodney Avenue

Camden, Delaware 19934

(302) 697-2143

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